Tvn korea live marriage not dating

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Tvn korea live marriage not dating

=) Hi, I started watching Korean dramas six year ago. She's really great in HOTEL KING, THE THIEVES and MARRIAGE NOT DATING!! Can't wait to see what more she has in mind in Hotel King. I love how versatile she is in her characters and appearance. Only the second episode so far but you have me laughing out loud. You remind me so much of my mother, just a a korean, Keep working hard, you will always have a big fan in Michigan, USA I'm on episode 24 of Saving Mrs. I cried, laugh, smile, giggling with you during every each episode of that drama......

In Vietnam, she is a familiar face actor best audience. There are many who feel that her role is very normal, but for me it's her role is amazing it makes me cry laugh only. However, with just merely scanning your career track record, the awards you received say it all.

I have seen her in sooo many dramas and movies and I love her every single time. I just finished watching Marriage Not Dating and she again was fabulous.

Can't wait to see what more she has in mind in Hotel King. Couldn't believe you were the mom in Wang's Family.

so She ask Ki Tae to bring Jang Mi to their house for a purpose (family introducing).

The problem is come, Gi Tae's family thought that they will getting married soon.

Joo Jang Mi es una joven buena, bonita, que amo locamente al mejor amigo de Gi Tae pero luego de que este la traicione, Gi Tae le pide que finja ser su novia.

Sin embargo, al pasar el tiempo la mentira irá creciendo y complicando las cosas cada vez más, al igual que sus sentimientos. okay i started to blogging again now after vacuum for several years.than i'm back with new hit tv N's drama, its "Marriage Not Dating".He didn't want to getting married and prefer live alone.But his family is always force him to married soon, while he always reject it.Gi Tae & Jang Mi finally start to pretend as a 'lovers' who wanted to marry.

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