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Fortunately, basic leadership and entrepreneurial skills can be acquired from experience and training.

Abigail Posner: A "Noogler" is what we call a new hire at Google. A DJ played dance music mixed with some top-40 tunes. But the party attendees didn't match the clubby vibe. I saw one guy sit alone and choke down two plates of sliders.

Bonus points go to frontman Mark Mothersbaugh for his amazing art lessons on Yo Gabba Gabba!

Part of the downside of being a genre cover band is that there’s not much career longevity.

However, most people who have spent any amount of time "playing the field" can tell you that they have had their fair share of dating horror stories.

Having to endure uncomfortable dates and awkward chit chat is just a small part of the process of finding "the one" – at least, that's what we tell ourselves (and our frustrated friends who are ready to throw in the towel and accept the fact that they will be forever alone).

Yet we all know that there is a big gap between good entrepreneurs and a...

many of whom develop mobile and Web software for consumers.

While final details haven’t been released, we expect they’ll entail some sort of deregulation aimed at unleashing competitive enterprise and the creation of special economic zones, known as tokku in Japanese.

These zones have had limited impact in the United States.

before he was voiced by Cooper, and brought to life with the help of motion capture, animators drew inspiration for the character from a real-life raccoon named Oreo.

Raised since he was two days old by Sallie Rainbow and the people at Oreo and Friends, a UK-based group that describes itself as an animal encounters company that helps raise awareness of exotic animals, the now five-year-old raccoon was invited by director James Gunn to model for Rocket in "Guardians." A young Oreo, think he was about 12 weeks old here BIq NGWIL — Oreo and Friends (@oreoandfriends)...

Unfortunately, online dating seems to bring out the worst in people.

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    If you try something similar with the computer (try leaving the semi-colon off in C or miss an indent in Python, for example), you’ll get a nasty error message.

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    If you don't have the entrepreneur leadership attribute or interest, but want to be an "idea person" or inventor, then I recommend that you find a partner with the requisite skills to implement and run the business from your idea.

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