Svn error error while updating filelist

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Svn error error while updating filelist - non intimidating thesaurus

That kind of stuff is a pain but for open source maybe it is not such a show stopper for some but it is for me.

Since SF supports SVN I figured this was a good fit.How about something obvious like the Repository menu actually having a ‘Connect to Repository’ menu option instead of having that feature under the Bookmarks menu?I am not saying Rapid SVN doesn’t work or isn’t a good tool: it’s simply not as intuitive as it could be for my usage.I started up Ankh SVN today and it told me a major update was available which is located here: Ankh SVN 2.1 Download : Recently the server for my repository was upgraded and required me to update Tortoise SVN to v1.6.x.That worked fine but Ankh SVN did not work so fine at all – I was getting some real quirky behavior such as files not getting checked in and when doing updates from the repository I was not getting the latest.Personally, my job is to provide solutions to my clients via software and not to spend a lot of my time working with tools that are not obvious in their implementations.

For instance, a series of wizard type screens (I hate that word, wizard, but..) which would simply walk you through hooking up to a repository would be cool.I attempted to do this twice with and without the feedling at the end of the URL with no success at all (this worked the first time with Tortoise SVN).What I received in the status message at the bottom was: I figured this was because I did not have a repository loaded but why would the menu option be available if the context (no repository) was invalid?I am NOT going to go through every feature but I am going to touch on the features I find important…at first.Comments or requests for more info in certain areas will drive further updates as one of my goals is to an SVN expert (most of my work has been with the Microsoft stack in terms of SC) but I kind of think that is a bonus as I am familiar enough with SVN to know what works for me and hopefully should work for the average developer with a general understanding of SVN.The Ankh SVN part of the Solution Explorer context menu will offer the appropriate menu options based on changes to your project/solution.

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