Speed dating in calgary

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Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical event trappings.Gone are the name-tags, shouting and over-the-top party trimmings.

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What better way to spend a Friday night than with a group of singles, and partake in eight dates rather than just one? You want to focus on your dates, not your sore feet. What do the warning labels of speed dating teach us?It's Valentine's Day, and hundreds of men and women mill around the Telus Spark science centre awaiting the first event of its kind in Calgary — the world's largest speed dating session.Cathy Brewer, founder of Calgary Speed Dating, says she hopes to celebrate her 500th event by breaking the Guinness World Record for largest speed dating event, which was broken last year by 484 participants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam."It was a lot of talking, but it was fun," says speed dater Kayla Royce after the event."It's great though, because you just know right away if you're compatible.I've always thought that dating should come with it's own set of warning labels, such as: Caution; On the Rebound; Beware; Has Herpes.

But no such warnings exist in this world, unless you happen to work at the pharmacy where buddy gets his medication.

I've often wondered about some of the warnings we receive in life.

My stand mixer, for example, warns me of the dangers of sticking my hand in the bowl while it's still mixing.

But it shouldn't be long before we find out if Calgary will wear the speed dating crown.

A low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Calgary.

The rules for Calgary's ambitious attempt are rigid.

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