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The display is a 5.7-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (960 x 1080 per eye).

The Oculus Rift, at £500, is also £150 more expensive and requires a super computer to run the better experiences.5) $('.login_dialog_wrapper').dialog('close');$('#reset-password-wrapper').dialog('open'); _gaq.push(['_track Event', 'User Functions', 'Forgot Password', 'Forgot password dialog box opened']); return false;" class="forgot_password" Welcome! You can use the Session Scheduler tool to browse sessions and build a custom event schedule. Use the "Create Account" button at the top of the right-hand corner. There are 360-degree tracking sensors and nine LEDs on the front for a separate Play Station Camera to track.Field of view is 100-degrees, while latency is less than 18ms.As expected, players will be able to use both the Dual Shock 4 controller and PS Move wands to interact with different experiences and games.

games represented a whole new level of video games to me.

With GDC Session Scheduler, you can build your schedule in advance and access it during the show via export or with the GDC Mobile App, once live. Push the "My Schedule" button in the left column to view your selected sessions.

Sessions do fill up and seating is first come, first serve, so arrive early to sessions that you would like to attend. (It's the same data, just a different view of the sessions.) Step 3. Click the "Add" or "Remove" button next to each session to add it to, or remove it from, your personalized schedule.

At last year’s Sony E3 conference, they also showed new footage from the game.

View, browse and sort the ever-growing list of GDC sessions by pass type, track, and format.

Both rival headsets do have the advantage of having been available from April, however.

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