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Singlendating com - responding to dating profiles

If you set the bar low are you really surprised if you are still dissatisfied when you reach the goal?Frankly, I sometimes find it maddening when I hear women gripe about the current dating landscape.

Leave out the comments like, “I’m not here to waste time on trivial relationships.” Or, “I’ve been hurt in the past, tread carefully.” These aren’t confident and attractive statements and (although they may be true) they don’t translate well on a computer screen without perspective and relationship. (But make sure they don’t resemble any of these real life profiles I found) Ladies, men are highly visual, so don’t skip this crucial step.

The days where a date might mean strolling through a park or dining at a cozy local bistro are dead. But when college is over and the perfect job is scored, many are finding themselves hungry for intimacy; and not the kind found in a one night stand.

Over the past several months numerous articles, Twitter chats, and TV story lines displayed the hollow spectacle that courting has become.

We’ve walked (or better yet crawled) through the fire of awkward Christian dating; Tim as an epic bachelor who wasn’t even sure marriage was God’s intended relationship between men and women and Samantha, who married young and then found herself single again at thirty-two with two small children and no idea how to date as a Christian woman.

This blog is intended to expose the modern cultural myths of love, sex, and dating and chart a new course revealing God’s intention for male/female relationships by presenting practical and personal dating principles to help you find the love you have always dreamed of.

We welcome your feedback and desire to create a safe forum for daters, dialogue and great conversation.

So please, jump in, comment, and let us hear your voice.

Remember, first impressions are won or lost in about 30 seconds. You’ve already crafted an awesome bio detailing all of your Christian service, financial prowess and physical appeal. You have made it clear you only want devoted Christians, a serious relationship, and you don’t want to get hurt AGAIN.

But for some strange reason you aren’t attracting the type of dates you find desirable?

A lack of picture suggests insecurity about your looks or that you’re married (and cheating) or that you’re a predator.

We (Tim and Samantha) started this blog because we understand how disillusioned Christians are regarding dating and purity.

Nervous calls are replaced by ambiguous texts, dinner reservations supplanted by Beer Pong Night at the local pub, and anxious kisses on the doorstep swapped for spontaneous casual sex.

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