Sac liquidating

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Law Firm Name Change - When a law firm changes its name, the Trust must be notified in writing.The Office Managing attorney's signature is required on the law firm’s letterhead. Legal Representative - The Legal Representative serves in a fiduciary capacity, representing the interests of the future Asbestos PI Trust Claimants, for the purpose of protecting the rights of persons who might subsequently assert future claims.

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Compare this number with the claim's Place in Queue to determine approximately when it may be reviewed.The Affidavit is used when court appointed documentation is not available or necessary.Claim Status - A status is assigned to each claim, determined by where the claim is in the review process.It is characterized by diffuse interstitial fibrosis (scar tissue formation).The onset of the disease is gradual, developing over a period of 10 to 30 years.Allowed ER claims receive a fixed dollar amount as specified in the TDP.

External Claim Audit - The Trust is governed by Section 5.8 of the Trust Distribution Procedures, which requires that the Trust perform an external audit of the exposure information and medical proof submitted to the Trust.This disease category has a fixed payment, whether the Claimant is alleging a malignancy or a non-malignancy.Place in Queue - The field located on the Claim Summary screen in DII Asbestos Trust Online that displays the number of claims ahead of your claim in the Review or Re-Review Queue.However, an IR value may be LESS than the ER scheduled value.All Foreign Claims, Lung Cancer 2 Claims and Indirect Claims must undergo IR.For the Trust's purposes, it refers to the system for classifying chest x-rays.

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