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SLPs are businesses that often start of their lives advertised online in eastern Europe as “Scottish offshore companies”, firms registered in Scotland but with parent companies in the world’s shadiest fiscal paradises such as Belize or Panama.

Another, despite being officially dissolved, won a bid to hire armed men in the war zone of eastern Ukraine.

"Some offshore companies registered in Scotland have appeared in dubious contracts involving Ukroboronprom, a group of companies belonging to the government of Ukraine and specialising in the production and trading of military hardware, from Kalashnikovs and mortars to tanks, planes and missiles.” Ukraine: the former Soviet republic is currently in a 'frozen' conflict with Russian-backed separatists Other sources in Ukraine stress that the prestige and kudos of Scotland and the UK also plays a role in prompting tax evaders and gangsters to use SLPs or English limited liability partnerships.

Anybody controlling an SLP or LLP – which have legal personality – can open an EU bank account.

“The SNP proposed a Fair Tax Bill to take action against tax avoidance and the UK Government needs to get on with the job of stopping criminals using these methods to move and conceal their money.

The Scottish Government has asked the UK to make these changes and the SNP at Westminster will be pushing for urgent action.” Labour MSP Jackie Baillie agreed.

The Scottish Government has become so alarmed about such shell firms – usually limited partnerships or SLPs advertised as “zero-tax offshore companies” across eastern Europe – that the Sunday Herald can reveal that last week Finance Secretary Derek Mackay wrote to his UK counterparts urging a crackdown.

, said: “For some reason the interests of arms dealers from Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East – and their customers – are concentrated in Scotland.” Lavryk stressed how hard it is to get infallible information on Scottish arms links but confirmed that corrupt officials and businessmen from across the former Soviet Union – not just the so-called “arms Mafia” – use SLPs and other British “offshore structures”.However, such firms receive between 10 and 20 per cent of the value of the deal.In the courts it is very hard to prove that there were no real services provided and that some bureaucrat simply stole the money.They are keen on “offshore zones” in the whole of the European Union – but they are especially drawn to British ones.Corrupt officials, business people and politicians in Ukraine use offshore companies to conceal their ownership of assets.So the money they launder may never move through Scottish accounts, sources say.

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