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Even though their characters have completely different personalities, Clonch and Falkenstein are quite believable as siblings.

However, at the end, it appears that in at least one outside scene, the actors' voices were dubbed and there was one occasion where the mix in the rear cut out hard.

According to the commentary, Lynx is the "Angelina Jolie" of Iran, and that's easy to believe.

Bruce Boxleitner (does have moments in which it shines, making it more than enjoyable on occasion.

A commentary by director Paul Bales, editor Bill Shaffer, stars Clonch and Giles, like most Asylum commentaries, is well worth a listen.

Bales keeps the discussion on topic and asks all the right questions to keep it informative, as well. Admittedly, I do not listen to commentaries unless I'm reviewing the movie, but it's tracks like this that make it worth my time.

Shortly after, a team of archeologists is brought in to verify that it is, indeed, an Egyptian tomb.

All the signs seem to point to "yes," as there are numerous mummies and the standard hieroglyphics on the walls.As things generally go, there is no final resting place for mummies, especially in the movies.And, as things also generally go, mummies never arise from their slumber to find a cure for cancer and bring about world peace. They always have a plan, and the power, to take over the earth.So you know when Aneh-Tet wakes up, the party is about to start.First and foremost, a statement to low-budget movie makers: Stop with the CGI.It was just those damn lightning bolts that hurt the others.

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