Retired military officers dating service

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That’s why it’s disheartening to read about certain service members who are being forced out of the military due to Force Shaping.It’s difficult for anyone who is forced out of the military, particularly when they have chosen to make it a career.

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Send your waiver to: "I (Full Name and Military Serial Number) hereby waive my military retired pay for Civil Service Retirement or Federal Employees Retirement System purposes effective (The day before your annuity begins). Records with a discharge date of 1954 or prior are archival and are open to the public.Records with a discharge date of 1955 or after are non-archival and are maintained under the Federal Records Center program.However, you can elect to waive the retired pay and have the military service added to your civilian service in computing your FERS annuity.In addition to waiving your military retired pay you MUST pay a deposit for your post 1956 military deposit prior to separating from your agency in order for it to be creditable in your FERS retirement case. Glenn Thompson (R-Penn.) is stepping up to introduce the Proudly Restoring Officers of Prior Enlistment Retirement (PROPER) Act.

The bill would modify existing discharge authority to allow military officers appointed from the enlisted ranks with at least 20 years of service to retire as an officer with only four years of service as a commissioned officer. Very few military members remain on active duty long enough to earn a military pension.Some military members are being forced to retire early under the TERA program.This is unfortunate, as many retirees under TERA wish to complete their full 20 years of service and receive their full pension (retirees under TERA take a reduced pension equal to the number of years served * 2.5%, times a reduction factor based on the number of years they retired early).But there is one class of servicemembers who arguably have it worse than others: some officers are being forced to retire from the military, but they don’t have the minimum service time to retire as an officer.The normal rules require military members to serve 10 years as an officer to be able to retire as an officer.Some of them may have been able to max out their pay scale and become E-9’s. As you can see, there is a large difference – an approximate cut of 35%. High-3 rules average the pay for the last 3 years of service at the highest grade held.