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A good place to start looking for White Fish this time of year is 25-35 feet.They swim in large schools and do not stay in one place for long periods. Watch your electronics for sudden, multiple signals and look for what you would consider a school of fish below you.

Today Jon Thelen talks about how versatile Walleye lures like the new Lindy Wally Talker can help you trigger strikes what other lures can't.You should have your ice fishing rods rigged with a small ice jig and a minnow part. White Fish have small, straight forward mouths and they like to pick up the bait on the drop.Use a drop and hold jig method until you get to the bottom, reel up and start over.Mille Lacs Lake: Justin Bailey made a recent trip there and reports fantastic fishing, if you’re in the mood for a catch-and-release type of day, which is just what he was looking for.All walleye less than 19” or greater than 21” must be released and ...Read Here’s a cool look at how to catch bass through the ice using the versatile lipless crankbait. As is the case when ice fishing crappie and walleye, bass are attracted to the profile, sound and vibration emitted by lipless ...

View Video "Bill has verified that the West Access is heaved up.The dramatic drop in temperatures that forced lakes into an instant transformation from open water to ice also caused the production of uneven, unstable ice sheets. Read "Fishing has been very good in the Edge of the Wilderness area as of late.Crappies continue to cooperate with anglers fishing the smaller lakes. Ice thicknesses of anywhere from six to twelve inches have ...On Thursday afternoon, we had wrapped up our trip to Red Lake just early enough to head south and ...Read There is nothing better than searching for good fishing spots off the beaten path. Not mine, however, as I’m a light sleeper and was awake nearly every half hour, looking at the clock. A trip was planned for a day on the Red Lake Reservation, ice fishing for rainbow trout. ” Reminding native fishing guide, Daris Rosebear, several times throughout the fall and into the first phases of winter, I repeatedly said “I want to be one of the first on the ice with you this year. I first noticed a Facebook post from Daris, late last Thursday evening, informing the fishing world that he had started off his season with a fantastic outing. As I was drooling, looking over photos of fat, husky rainbow trout, a message popped up. Read "We have the houses situated off of Pine Island in our normal starting path.It was a great surprise to see the lake freeze over and put up to 9 inches of ice on in 4 days. We are still in the deep cold and the forecast shows temps rising for the next few days. Plenty of nice eaters being caught with some big ones mixed in.