Psychic love advice dating tips

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Psychic love advice dating tips

I was going to review them myself however its been a while since I’ve needed to use them so I thought I’d call on my single (and somewhat skeptical) friend Alice to put them through their paces and see if they could help her out and get her to do a Psychic Source review.Here is what she found out: Hey there, I’m Alice Towers, a friend of the Love Queen.

I do a combination of Numerology, Astrology, Tarot Cards, Amira’s Love Oracle Cards, Photo Readings including photographs of Turkish Coffee Cup Grounds, Mediumship, Channelled messages from spirit and my Natural Clairvoyance which is the ability to see names, places and things in a lot of detail.

But with a baby on the way, my dream of finding a life partner seems further away than ever.

For a long time, the following has been going through my mind: ‘If only I knew whether I would ever, ever meet someone, then I could relax and enjoy life while I either wait for the day to come, or totally give up on the dream and find fulfilment through cross-stitching and cats.’ Not knowing what the future holds can definitely make the present more difficult to enjoy. If you type ‘online psychic readings’ into the aforementioned popular internet search engine, you get 22.5 million results. On the recommendation of Katy, I plumped for Psychic Source, whose online shop-front is slick and professional.

Phoning seemed too intense – I have to admit to being slightly nervous – and I also wanted the option of being able to read back through the conversation at leisure, so I opted for the ‘chat now’ instant messaging feature.

The website says that this will in no way impede the quality of the reading, and that the only relevant factor is how ‘comfortable, relaxed and open’ you are feeling.

I reasoned that even if she got her psychic wires crossed, she might be able to offer some more earth-bound insights into my love situation.

She also had lots of great customer feedback and testimonials which made me feel hopeful that she could help me.I didn’t feel like testing Libby by holding back important information, such as being pregnant, but you could play that game if you wanted to.It seemed like a waste of time to me, so I told all and awaited her response.Do you have a romance problem you dearly wish to solve?You might have thought about it over and over again ad nauseam, both alone and with the help of friends.I will share day-to-day tips, tricks and methods that I have seen work over and over again. Allow me take you on the journey of creating relationships you love.

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