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Some of the best universities also reside on this small island, making it attractive for thousands of US students each year.Those looking to immerse themselves in history dating back to Roman times frequently choose Italy.

Some of the most commonly offered areas of study include: This theme allows students to explore language, politics, sociology and business skills to prepare for careers in international organizations, non-profits, or public sector settings.Class examples include communication across cultures, global politics and the media, global networking, and media, war and peace.Students aspiring to work in a direct care medical setting benefit from these global experiences focused on public health, clinical study, and practicum experience.This location is also ideal for those interested in humanities-related topics.Spain and France tend to be popular options for students currently undertaking language courses or with existing knowledge of the native tongue; they’re also both popular locations for students studying topics such as architecture, history, art history, geography, or politics.According to a recent research study, five areas emerged on top due to a variety of reasons.

The United Kingdom topped the list, as it offers a culture similar to America but with enough variations to be exciting and new.

This organization explains the visa process and provides helpful tips and timelines for applying.

10 Things to Look Forward to When Studying in Florence.

Similarly, if you aren’t studying a foreign language, it may be best to choose an English-speaking location.

The following section is an overview of popular programs and lengths of study.

This guide helps students navigate the wide spectrum of study abroad options available, ranging from volunteer opportunities to language immersion programs to apprenticeships, and everything in-between.