Nigerian dating schemes

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Nigerian dating schemes - webcamdating

They’ve also collected hundreds of return letters from victims in the West that contain cold hard cash.Why do people readily stuff envelopes with their hard earned money? It is the heart and soul of their business — they create a hot and heavy connection between themselves and the victim.

The first hallmark of an Internet dating scam is an intensely passionate week of in which the fraudster “falls in love” in record time.The people you meet inside are all wearing masks, hiding their true identity.Most of them have nothing evil in mind — but a handful are malicious, scammers and shammers, hackers and identity thieves.After filling in the proper information aimed at tugging on the heart strings of their victims, they spam as many members of dating sites as they can.Think of it like fishing — put the bait in the right spot and wait for a single bite.Does this sound like an ideal place to meet a lover?

Internet dating scams are as old as the Internet itself.

The person being scammed may think of that small amount of cash as chump change and readily send it to the fraudster, thinking they’re doing a good deed.

As with “Nigerian 419” scams, the begging for money (and the amount of money) increases.

There’s a large number of people in the UK right now who are the targets of Internet dating scammers using dating sites to gain confidence and access to PIN numbers.

Single people who don’t know they’re “looking for love in all the wrong places” are being duped on online dating sites by fraudsters from all over Europe and West Africa. If you’re familiar with the “Nigerian 419” scams, the pattern will be quite familiar.

Most people are familiar with Internet confidence scams that start out: “I am a Nigerian prince . .” and though most people recognize these “419 fraud” emails for what they are — identity thieves trying to get access to your bank account.

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