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A map attributed to a Spanish cosmographer Alonzo de Santa Cruz, who had access to all documents relating to the maritime expeditions of Spain (i.e., Niza’s, De Soto’s & Coronado’s) designates yet another name for the Trinity River.

The French colony erected houses, forts and storehouses and attempted to cultivate the soil.The town was founded by Mexican land commissioner José Francisco Madero Gaxiola in 1831 near the sites of a Spanish settlement called Atascosito (established in 1756) and Champ d'Asile, a French colony established in 1818.The area was first occupied by American squatters as early as 1818, when it was still under Spanish law.Texas Governor don Antonio Cordero dispatched from Nacogdoches a company of 110 men in 1805 to be stationed at Arkokisa above the mouth of the Trinity, near the present town of Liberty, supplementing a detachment of 50 men already there.Troops and supplies for this station came by the La Bahia Road, marking out the route known as the Atascosito Road, the oldest known road crossing the Trinity River in this area at a point about three miles north of the present town of Liberty.The establishment of the Atascosito District with two Alcaldes, George Orr and Henry Munson was finalized in 1826. After the census was taken, the results of a vote of the people showed that a majority of those in the district desired to be added to Austin’s Colony, rather than the Nacogdoches District. Austin’s insistence, the petition of the citizens to be attached to his colony was finally approved in August, 1828.

The District was bounded on the north by the Nacogdoches District, on the west by Austin’s Colony, on the east by the reserve lands on the Sabine River and on the south by the Gulf of Mexico. The alcalde, George Orr expressed the gratitude of the Atascosito District as the approval to be in the Austin colony enabled the area citizens to obtain proper grants and titles to their lands, which was the purpose of the census and the attachment.Generals Charles Lallemand and Antoine Rigaud, formerly of Napoleon’s Old Guard, headed a French expedition that established a colony twenty leagues from the Gulf of Mexico on the Trinity, near the present town of Liberty in 1818.They received the assistance of Jean La Fitte, known in history primarily for his pirate activities, in setting up their colony.The Texas Constitution, Article 5, Section 9 - " There shall be a Clerk for the District Court of each County, who shall be elected by the qualified voters for state and county officers, and who shall hold office for four years." The District Clerk is elected county-wide by voters for a four-year term and has specific duties outlined in the Texas Constitution, but statutes passed through Legislative action, and rules promulgated by the Texas Supreme Court. Due to this requirement, we ask that you file in a timely manner as we have 48 hours to retrieve from efile.Duties include Clerk of the Court, Custodian of the Records, Records Management, Financial Officer, and Jury Manager. Anything to be signed by the judge must be at attachment to a cover letter if not with a motion. Cover letters may be used when filing an order, otherwise they are only need when giving specific instructions. General information is required for case parties and filing attorney as Liberty County is not integrated and must enter information manually upon new case filing or for first time filing into an existing case. Documents requiring a file stamp are only the filings that are not needing a judge's signature. Citations may be requested on a cover letter or at the time of filing your petition. A kiosk is available for your convenience in the public view area in the District Clerk's Office. GOV We are excited to announce that i Docket is now available to our legal community as well as bail bondsmen, general public or any individual who needs easy access to the District Court’s public records!The first census ever taken in Texas was “The Atascosito Census of 1826.” The census takers were Mathew G. James Taylor White established the first Anglo-American ranch in Texas.

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