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It was the first school I exclusively for high school students. Stu- ts also cover a wide spectrum of political, ial, geographic and economic backgrounds, t's one of the reasons for the theme's reference to the word 'different'.

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I could talk about what was going on at school and he would know what I was talking about." by Addle Knight as possible, some actually enjoyed "...

"I feel like he tries to impress other people, but he's more himself when we're alone." Advice was always a great ad- vantage with an older sibling.

"My brother really helped me out dur- ing the beginning of freshman year," freshman Jan Suceska said.

Sibling Rivalry Bonding and Twins Senior Kurtis and sophomore Paul Hall both go for the ball in a varsity game.

The brothers played on the same team for two years. "I couldn't think of any better way to end my senior year than playing next to my brother," Kurtis Hall said.

"We don't have any of the same friends, efore winter formal, senior Mak and reshman Jan Suceska capture the mo- so we hang out and do things separately," Amanda said.

While some siblings wanted as much time away from each other spending time together.

We're sure you're right, let's fight for the Blue and White. The volleyball team went to state as well as several members of both track teams. Both track teams won conference along with the women's soccer team- six in a row for them with an All-American selection on the team. The men's cross country team placed competitors at state as well as men's golf, tennis and individual swimmers on both teams competing at the state level. The women's philanthrophy club celebrated it's first full year of existence. Show choir performers dazzle the audience as they sing and dance their way through the last set in their show.

Unfurl her banners to the sky, and when our team goes smash- ing down the field, they'll keep the blue and white on high, rah! For in our name lies fame and glory great, the challenge of a fighting team and we will fight our way to victory FOR BLUE AND WHITE! Refer to the school website for the latest dmps.kl2us Connection with A Horse of a Roosevelt's 2005-2006 Horse of a Different Color yearbook theme seemed like a good fit. First, because the school mascot is a Roughrider, a horse seemed like an appropriate choice to connect with the school.

"We already see each other at home, now we see each other all the time at school," senior Amanda Marek said.

The twins did get alone time every once in awhile though.

Table of Contents Student Life 4 Teddyg History of Theodore Roosevelt High School The school was named for the country's 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt and his famous group of Rough Riders con- sisting of a diverse collection of people Roosevelt led in battles during the Spanish-American War. Second, with a student minority population of over ~5I i 8 %, TRHS is a very diverse school.