Is any dating site any good

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Is any dating site any good - indonesia 2016 online dating site

I thought that he was alright, friendly and we could at least be friends after the breakup, but clearly he wasn't the type of guy I imagined him to be and seems like I still don't really know what he really is like even after 3 years.

It doesn't only take a day or a week to know if you love someone, unless if you're drunk.

When I as a paying member attempted to report such a case I was issued a warning for engaging in solicitation.

Obviously customer service there is more interested in revenue no matter the source, than in protecting genuine members.

I had been on this site about 12 months ago & actually met 3 women, admittedly all 3 had serious issues (desperate stalkers), so I thought that I'd try it again.

Have been on the site for about 6 weeks & have kissed about 80 women.........results Roughly 55 didn't respond back at all About 15 - 20 said no thanks & roughly 7 - 10 said yes.

75 text messages in 24 hours even though I'd only responded to a couple!

The other woman seems perfect, perhaps too perfect.

I had never imagined myself dating a childish, stupid and ugly dude like him, not even in my wildest dream.

So I kept regretting this and asking myself why did I have to waste 3 years of my life with a moron like him?

We have exchanged very positive messages but now that I have shown real interest she has vanished. Most of the women on here are either fake, very, very picky & unrealistic or simply don't exist.

The experience may be different for women but I would definitely not recommend for any genuine men.

When he got a new gf, I congratulated him and wished him well, not block him. Anyways, I am really happy to be with my boyfriend now and we even plan to take this relationship to the next level. He is way more matured compared to that guy and we have so much in common since we have the same career (we're both software engineers) and view life the same way.

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