Interoffice dating rules

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Interoffice dating rules

The executives turned a corner and their conversation turned indistinct.

When Kirsten had first heard of the Pilot Program she'd thought it sounded completely stupid.

She went to the dish and got on her knees, placing her hands on either side of the bowl as they'd been instructed to do at the training brunch.

Her bare nipples brushed the floor, and she could feel the tiny particles of dust.

She lowered her face to the bowl and began lapping.

The room temperature tap water was stale and tasted faintly of the sweat and spit of other girls, but she was too thirsty to care.

Four weeks ago, prior to the pilot program, Kirsten had been the Events Coordinator, responsible for the logistics of events and galas.

As of the program, her duties had been suspended like those of the other 11 participants.

When she name had been selected for participation, she'd been horrified and even thought of quitting.

She had a masters degree for god's sake, she didn't see how being made to deliver mail was in anyway way an asset to the company. Butler had talked her into it."It may seem silly, but there's a method to the madness.

It was her friend Cristina Hernandez, now rechristened girl #4.

Cristina's slim body glistened with sweat and her dark hair was wild with flyaway strands.

The stairs added two minutes to the run, but the girls had recently been banned from using the elevators. A collection of bare footprints lay in the sooty dust, the tracks of the other mail room girls before her.

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