Icq 7 validating

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This then served as the dependent variable in a multivariate model.

In the longitudinal study, ICQ scores for 'Voice Problems' changed significantly at 2- and 6-months from baseline and other ICQ domains displayed trends in scoring change accordant with dose modulation at 6-months. A crucial chasm may exist between doctors and patients with respect to their approach to drug side effects.

'Oropharynx Problems' versus ICQ side effect domains thought to be caused systemically e.g.

'Mood Problems' and 'Skin, Hair and Nails' domains).

Construct validity can be undertaken by generating and empirically testing a number of hypotheses, based on what is already known about the construct [ There is a hierarchical dose-response pattern for prevalence of the individual items on the ICQ and statistically significant hierarchical differences in scores for each of the 15 domains – with the high ICS dose group scoring highest on the ICQ.

A scale measuring current side effects of ICS should be predicted by the current dose of ICS used.

Before analysis participants were divided into four groups based on their daily ICS dosage: non ICS inhaler, low dose ICS (≤400 μg), mid dose ICS (401–800 μg), high dose ICS ( We used cross-sectional construct validity to test the validity of the ICQ.

The construct validity method is applied when developing a test of a construct ('construct' refers to the measured characteristic – in this case perceived side effect) for which no other measure exists.

There is greater convergence (that is, stronger association) among items in ICQ domains caused by a potentially homogenous route of action (e.g.

the local side effect domains 'Voice' and 'Oropharynx problems') than among items in domains caused by heterogeneous routes (e.g.

Patient-reported side effect questionnaires offer a simple method for the systematic measurement of drug-related side effects.

In order to measure patients' inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) related side effect perceptions the 14-day retrospective Inhaled Corticosteroid Questionnaire (ICQ) was developed.

Non-normally distributed variables were tested using appropriate non-parametric tests, and for uniformity only the results of non-parametric test are reported as parametric test results were similar.

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