I keep dating the wrong guys

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I keep dating the wrong guys - dating with american boy

When a woman recognizes what the wrong man is highlighting for her – perhaps that she needs to take better care of herself, set better limits, be more assertive, or become better able to entertain herself – she can end the relationship and get to work on growing and developing in ways that will make her happier with herself and thus less susceptible to repeating her dating mistakes.This kind of personal work is tough because it requires facing inadequacies, inner demons, and fears of being alone.

Further, remind yourself that the only way to truly heal your heart is to mourn, process and ultimately accept your past and seek out someone that is whole and healthy on their own. Look at 3 important underlying explanations Although there are many variables as to why women seem to fall into the trap of attracting the same kind of men over and over again, I believe that there are three important underlying explanations.

The wonderful thing about dating is that we attract what we need to work on in ourselves.

Women get into bad relationships over and over because they don’t learn from their mistakes.

Then and only then will you actually be free to choose a love who feeds your heart and soul. Making conscious choices means being aware of the whole picture, knowing what fits and what doesn’t, and having the courage to integrate the whole picture into your next step.

All of us, women, too, have an internalized definition of a loving relationship and what our role in that loving relationship will be.

But there’s a clear benefit to considering why you attracted the alcoholic, cheater, Momma’s boy, or commitment phobic and then acting to correct what you discover about yourself from that awareness.

Women who stop to reflect on why they chose the wrong guy and accept responsibility for evolving from within to make better romantic choices in the future save themselves a lot of heartache. First, our unconscious makes us choose someone who emotionally resembles the parent who let us down or harmed us. Because our partner is like our parent, in no time we are reliving the worst pains of our childhood.

I was successful and financially independent, and so I couldn't believe I had got caught in a trap by a man. I was constantly being duped and ended up having many sleepless nights, time slipping through my fingers, trying to figure out these elusive, ambiguous, flaky men I was dating. You are into his 'potential' rather than facing the reality 12. He speaks down to you or/and make disrespectful remarks 14. Build up a relationship with yourself before you start building a relationship with someone else. Remember when we settle for less, we ALWAYS get less than we settle for.

I learned the hard way that these guys have such an enormous ego they usually always have one woman they can 'fall back on' as they always need to have someone in the wings and there is always a woman who will welcome these guys with open arms. He constantly needs to get the last word in and needs to be right 15. Do not waste precious time with guys who are 'GFN' (good for now).

And here’s the tragedy, because we desperately need to heal, we don’t want to give that partner up–doing so would feel like giving up any hope of healing.

If and when the relationship does end, we just find another player like the one before, so we can again re-stage the drama, fall into the same dance and, again, struggle for healing.

Next time you meet someone new use your Head to write down what you observe and learn about this person after each date; collect the facts. If he shows up late, was he thoughtful enough to call you? The key to finding a healthy partner is to enjoy the Heart and Hormones, but always lead with your Head! Take a long, hard look at the common thread in all of your relationships We are often drawn to the same dysfunction over and over again because it strikes an unconscious but familiar chord, reminiscent of the wounds we experienced in childhood.