Guidelines to safe dating

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Guidelines to safe dating - dating agency cyrano 06

I think not, so why do so many feel comfortable doing the virtual equivalent by blasting their phone number, email, and, God forbid, their address on their public dating profile? Most dating websites have private messaging systems and internal email services.

Here are a few less-common red flags to watch for: That last point needs some further explanation.

Keep it public for the second, third, and fourth dates.

Keep it public for however long you feel comfortable with.

And in order to do so, there are certain precautions that every single participant (both females and males) should be taking each time they log in to their account and consider meeting up with a new date.

Do Not Post Contact Information Let me ask you a question: would you wear a shirt to the local dive that had your phone number in bold font across your chest? When you talk to a potential date and would like to share a little bit more about yourself, pass whatever contact details you feel comfortable with in a private conversation.

Establish YOUR goals Perhaps the easiest way to begin a “safe” journey in the online dating world is to prepare beforehand by establishing exactly what you’re looking for. And when you do meet your date, stick to those goals.

Set clear and concise boundaries in relation to your own goals with online dating. For instance, if you’re standing firm on your pursuit for a serious but slow relationship, make sure you have your own ride to and from your in-person meetings. Meet in a safe, public location Regardless of what your goals and intentions are, ALWAYS meet in a safe and public location when advancing an online relationship to an in-person one.Watch for Red Flags Red flags are huge warning signs that you should be on constant lookout for when using an online dating service.They’re the first indicator that something is amiss.If there’s pushback after the first or second date, then chalk that behavior up as a red flag.Trust your gut Finally, remember: no single article will ever tell you everything you need to know about online safety in every situation.Restaurants, popular and well-populated parks, museums, and coffee shops are all acceptable choices for that first meeting.

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