Evan longoria dating cheerleader

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So it’s pretty cool to be able to talk to somebody on that level outside of the whole modeling thing.” Jaime does seem to know sports.

Or, I should say, she is constantly connected with sports by doing things like recreating the Super Bowl’s best moments in a fun-to-look-at photo shoot and frequently being featured in Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks.

Sorry ladies of Tampa Bay, but it appears legit to say this time that hometown Rays heartthrob Evan Longoria has himself a girlfriend.

Meet Jamie Edmondon: Playboy Playmate, Miss January 2010, Amazing Race contestant, and my favorite descriptor of all,… It appears that Evan and Jaime have been dating for a few months now, but was only recently confirmed through a variety of twitter related events.

“So it’s pretty cool to be able to talk to somebody on that level outside of the whole modeling thing.” What are your thoughts on Evan Longoria and his new lady?

Should sports and this type of celebrity gossip/entertainment be kept separate?

Longoria also revealed that Edmondson, who is Playboy’s Miss January 2010, a two-time contestant on CBS’ Amazing Race and a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader-is more than just a pretty face.

“She did a fantasy football blog the whole year, and she does a show on Sirius satellite radio,” Longoria said, adding that he enjoys Jaime ‘s company because of her intellect..

From the sound of it, Longoria found himself a nice catch.

We had a hunch he was looking for love when he lobbed a couple of compliments toward Alex Morgan on Twitter back in November, so we’re happy for him.

The first hint that the two may be together started after the two repeatedly shared pictures of their dogs enjoying “Doggie sleepovers,” at Longoria’s house.

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