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In the late 1960’s, B&B was acquired by Standard Packaging, which was in turn acquired by Saxon Industries in 1970. based in Brooklyn, NY (1920-1933) since 1925, under leadership of NYCC (USPC) in 1929, Brooklyn plant was dismantled in 1933, the corporation was finally dissolved Gibson Playing Card Co.

Paul, MN (1980's-2001) in 2001, acquired by USPCC a division of Brown & Bigelow/Standard Packaging Corp. and New York Consolidated Card Co., which were subsidiaries of the USPCC at the time of the start of code use in 1904. also used these codes after they were acquired by the USPCC in 19 respectively.I do not know if other manufacturers, who often also have codes on ace of spades or other cards, varied the codes by identifiable dates.Learn about people’s online social networking habits and get details about their online behavior.Explore the sprawling and diverse lands of Nevareth, a stunning world that blurs the line between fantasy and science fiction.based in Kalamazoo, MI (1886-1915) in 1915 it was acquired by USPC Standard Playing Card Co. based in Milltown, NY (1905-1911) in 1912, was merged with Russell Playing Card Co. based in New York, NY (1908-1914) Kalamazoo Playing Card Co.

based in Chicago, IL (1890-1930) from 1894, operated as independent part of USPC in 1930, was merged into Consolidated Dougherty Co. based in Kalamazoo, MI (1903-1912) from 1903-1906 named "The Kalamazoo Paper Box & Card Co." in 1912 was merged with "Russell Playing Card Co." Russell Playing Card Co.One useful dating aid for decks manufactured by United States Playing Card Co., is a dating code placed on the Ace of Spades at time of manufacture.The code first came into use in 1904 and applies only to aces of spades that bear a letter plus a four-digit number.If you help develop online dating websites, or if you’re looking to gather information about people’s online dating behavior, use our online dating survey so you can learn more about people’s online dating preferences.Our online dating survey asks questions about people’s online dating website of choice and about their habits when using dating websites.(since 1962 operated as a division of USPC) National Card Co.