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QUESTION FROM A READER: I need help with a girl whom am seeking to restart our old relationship, please help me?

By the way we are both students and we are both not financially fit at the moment to pay each other a visit.

I understand all the history you’ve got with this girl, and that there may (or may NOT) be some feelings again that have come up, but the one thing you can’t ignore is this – REALITY.

The REALITY is that you can’t see each other in person.

However, early 2001 she wasn’t replying my email messages as often as she used to which got me concerned.

To make it worse, I was having a conversation with her on the internet and some guy all of a sudden was talking on her behalf.

As a result of this, gave her a visit to spend the Easter with her, but turned out that she wouldn’t fancy me visiting her at home or calling her apartment.

That made me come to the conclusion that she probably doesn’t fancy me as she used to so I broke up with her(but very recently she told me on one of our phone calls that my judgement were wrong).

You told me you’re students and you can’t make the trips because of no money. You can’t start up with her again through email or phone.

No matter what the other gurus out there might say.

The part of your question that said is difficult to understand so I am going to assume that you want some kind of event to trigger the changing of the images?

There are many ways to do this but the best of which (especially for beginning programmers) is to use Bootstrap version 3.0 since it comes with HTML driven stuff that usually requires Java Script/JQuery to accomplish.

Also be aware of how girls work: In the initial stage this at least entails actually making verbal contact with the female. It is also common practice upon becoming "official" to sit down with your significant other and have a discussion about the official day on which you started dating and determine when your anniversary will be.

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