Dating through college

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Dating through college - Spy cam2

It shouldn’t be surprising that it’s not all rainbows and a never-ending harem of potential lovers.

That's why Bustle shared seven dating tips that it got from experts - to help you get through college. While there are people who are daring and adventurous, if you feel that it's not for you, you can always refuse. It may take a bit of a trial and error before you truly know who you are. There are other ways to meet people other than at parties or bars.It turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made—we had a blast and it strengthened our relationship.Lastly, trust is an ultimate necessity to a strong relationship—not only in college, but at any point in your life.This clearly means constant hook ups, partying nonstop, and no drama, right? Everyone experiences college differently and there is no right answer about how to date and what rules to follow there…but people tend to get an idea of what to do thanks to movies and TV shows.Know your limits, though, as being drunk will instead make things awkward for you.

Maybe I feel this way because my dating life didn’t actually start until college, but I think it’s actually because the high school social bullshit falls away and people are free to like who they like – which is just as great as it sounds. College dating is different from high school dating because it comes with its own set of rules, perks, and pitfalls.No, you won’t go to college and magically transform into another person who does not care about their hometown relationships, but your world is about to expand and you might like it. Staying together is going to take a lot of effort if you want it to work out, but sometimes, you might want to let go. In that sense, it’s just like high school, except that you all now live together, which makes running in to this person wearing your pajamas in the dining hall isn’t going to feel so rad. 11) Trying to sleep next to someone in an extra long twin bed is rough and almost not worth it. Or anything larger than a My Size Barbie, so mostly everyone. 20) If you don’t meet the love of your life – or anyone, for that matter – that’s completely fine.6) Try as hard as you can not to date someone in your building or within your major. You can date someone and never be their girlfriend and that’s fine. 12) Not everyone has the same background as you do. I’m almost 27 and I’ve never been in a relationship and that’s okay. It's better to wait for people who respect your boundaries and needs. While parties and bars are great ways to expand your social circle, joining campus events and clubs are also great for finding people who have the same interests as you. Yes, it's important to be responsible about your education and exams. Branching out to other areas of interest is good, too. However, it should not stop you from enjoying your college life. This is the best time for you to get to know yourself better. With weekly parties and other fish in the sea, it can be tempting to get distracted.

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