Dating more than one guy

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Dating more than one guy - Masterbate with other people cam

They feel like their some sort of super alpha male that nobody can touch.Women will spot this a mile away and if they feel that you’re taking them for granted they’ll do everything they can to take you off your pedestal.

Play it cool, be intelligent about it and you can continue the fun for as long as you like. Keep the romantic dates to a minimum Although you made everything clear from the beginning, if you start having romantic dates with any of these women they are bound to get the wrong idea.To keep seeing more than one woman make sure you keep the dates casual and modest, this way there’s never going to be any confusion. Don’t spend the night together It’s vital that whatever happens or how inconvenient it might seem you should never spend the night together.Once this happens you’re basically asking her to have a relationship.This, in my opinion, is why a man should date a lot of beautiful women before he settles down.Because when he does find the right one, he really knows (has the facts) she’s worth it.Make sure you tell her that you consider her a good friend, this will allow her to justify the relationship to her friends and you must know what an important role her friends play in all of this.

You guys are just friends with benefits and there’s nothing wrong in you sleeping with other women.Don’t go bragging to everyone of how big of a player you are, that will always come back to bite you in the ass and it will also put off all other potentials.Be modest and discreet about everything, this is the key to maintaining a casual sex relationship. No jealousy You need to be very honest with yourself here, if you’re having sex with more women do you think the girls won’t want to have their options open too?First it happens once, then more and more until it becomes a routine and she sleeping at your place all the time.The best way to avoid this is to never let it happen in the first place.A lot of men make the mistake of dating a small amount of girls exclusively which eventually leads to marrying one of them and then turning their life into a big pile of sh*t.

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