Dating ivory miniature painting

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The example shown here is a miniature in enamel of the poet Lord Byron by Henry Pierce Bone.It is a miniature copy of a famous large oil of Byron.

However, the proportion identified will be higher at the dedicated portrait miniature auctions held by a few major auction houses and by specialist dealers in miniatures .You will want to use a weight to just hold tension, but not to bend the ivory forward as it might crack. This process may need repeating several time until the ivory is stable. This collection focuses on original miniatures and, apart from some illustrative examples, tends to exclude those produced as decorative items.The original painted in 1797 and a shown here, is in the State Russian Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and is attributed to Miles.It looks identical to the version in this collection, apart from the style of the frame.Often copies of known portraits were requested from listed artists.

Sometimes these were noted as copies, but generally without any intention to deceive.

This will allow a support for the ivory while one shaves and scrapes the paper and glue away from the reverse.

This will only alleviate the further effect of warping and it may allow the ivory to flatten a bit on its own. I was given a formula some years ago from James Murrell of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

These are where the original artist made several identical copies of a miniature, for example for different members of a family.

It is unusual to find these examples, but they do exist and shown here are two portraits by Charles Foot Tayler, both signed "C F Tayler 1820".

It consisted of 5% almond oil, 10% acetic acid and 85% industrial methylated spirits. Once the card is removed, put on surgical gloves and hold the miniature face forward and with a deep breath, exhale on the painted surface, then place the painting face down on a surface and allow the ivory to flatten on its own for a few minutes.