Dating in berlin

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They consume more fashion-related media than your average career woman and have sleek, styled hair that sits perfectly in place…at all times.In Prenzlauerberg you get your I’d-do-him dads who stroll the streets carrying little newborns in their arms like trophies proclaiming their ability to shun the stereotype that there are no real men in Berlin.

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His favourite adjective is “super” and he probably hasn’t read a book since the 70s, which coincidentally was the last time he was drug-free.

Usually, the woman will have to be extremely obvious about her intentions in order to get any response.

For me, coming from patriarchal South Africa, that’s just ludicrous.

I have never been to a place that has more single moms with young babies. I know that in the States, going on dates is quite a big thing and people regularly try out a different guy on each day of the week. The other option that is hot on everyone’s lips at the moment is the infamous Tinder app.

I like the idea of meeting lots of cool and interesting people that way but I’m a little weary of dates in general. I am rather cynical when it comes to these things but I have joined Tinder and have checked out a few men in the vicinity.

In Johannesburg, you can’t take 5 steps in a club without someone propositioning you, telling you you’re gorgeous or asking to buy you a drink.

This is simply because the dating culture is all about men being on the hunt for their prized trophy – a girl.You may not get his number and you can absolutely rule out going on an actual date with him, but you can almost guarantee that if you offer it up he’s going to take you home and sleep with you.He may even sleep with you repeatedly over weeks and months. is it’s a paradise for party people and society dropouts. It’s not the white picket fence, suburban dream I’m after either.Now, don’t get me wrong – this is not because I am just so undesirable that every man I’ve met has been uninterested.This information has been sourced from multiple single females and even some reputable blogs like this one.As a singleton in Berlin, I have been involved in numerous discussions about men and dating since arriving.

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