Current feminist theory in validating

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Current feminist theory in validating - i keep dating the wrong guys

They also point out that female terms are often used to describe Nature - Mother Earth, virgin forest etc.Some eco-feminists see women's reproductive and nurturing capacities as giving women superior insight into how humans can live in harmony with nature.

They see the basic division in all societies as that between men and women and clearly state that men are the oppressors of women.This clearly involves political activity alongside men and a belief that the interests of women and men can be reconciled.In many ways their analysis, strategy and tactics are all dual - sometimes summed up by the slogan "There can be no women's liberation without socialism, no socialism without women's liberation".They point out that black men and women must work together politically in the fight against racism.Many Black feminists in the UK and USA are anti-imperialist and have an international perspective.Early activists in the WLM tended to ignore it or be dismissive of it, but in many ways liberal feminism was reinvigorated as a result of the emergence of second wave feminism.

The emphasis of liberal feminism is on inequality between men and women in the public sphere of life - employment, education and politics.

Eco-feminism came to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s.

Eco-feminists make connections between men's oppression of women and their exploitation of Nature and argue that women have a central role to play in the environmental movement.

Other eco-feminists argue that it is women's low status and social roles that make them more aware of threats to the environment eg dumping of toxic waste, degradation of fertile land through intensive farming & pesticides.

In the 1970s, many feminists were concerned with developing theory which could help explain women's oppression and which could indicate how that oppression could be challenged.

By the mid-1970s in Britain, differences in analysis and strategy could be detected within the WLM.

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