Cbs rejects gay dating sites super bowl

10-Feb-2015 22:33 by 7 Comments

Cbs rejects gay dating sites super bowl

"After reviewing the ad, which is entirely commercial in nature, our standards and practices department decided not to accept this particular spot," said CBS spokeswoman Shannon Jacobs.

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But that’s not CBS’s only exercise of its alleged anti-gay ad policy.Network executives denied the site's submission noting that the "creative is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday," according to the .CBS' sales department also said they couldn't credit the site and guarantee payment of the estimated .5 million it would cost to air the ad.Other sources say Man knew CBS would reject them and were just looking for publicity.The site's spokesperson said "We're 100% serious." They spent 0,000 on the ad and raised million from investors, she added. As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions.""We're 100% serious," Man Crunch spokesperson Elissa Buchter said. If the ad showed a man and woman kissing it would have been accepted. If the ad doesn't air on the Super Bowl, it will air on another network.

You see ads for erectile dysfunction morning, noon and night. It's not like it plays like Adam Lambert [kissing another man on the AMAs]."How will Donald Trump’s first 100 days impact YOU?

Update, 1/29/10: CBS has rejected the spot -- reportedly because the network thought it was a publicity stunt and not a serious submission to begin with.

V8 It’s unclear why CBS rejected the above Super Bowl ad from Go, the always provocative domain name registrar that traffics in free publicity from its too-risque-for-TV ads.

has asked CBS to review a 30-second spot for acceptability.

The spot follows a pair of male football fans who accidentally brush hands while watching a game, only to launch into a full-on makeout session.

It's doubtful buying airtime during the Super Bowl is a particuarly efficient way to reach gay males.