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One image shows the agonising moment a couple meets their baby boy for the first and last time after he died away during childbirth (left).Other images show a child mid-birth showing just the head before the rest of the body has emerged from the womb (top right), and a mother whose daughters were conceived 10 days apart due to their mother's rare hormonal condition (bottom right).

He was granded a pardon in June 2014, but is still yet to be freed.

Rather than help, he knocks on the window and sings: 'Yo yo yo, worldstar' - a line from a song by US rapper Childish Gambino.

Jonathan Agnew revealed on Twitter he regularly receives soiled toilet paper from a critic through his letter box, prompting Gary Lineker to say he gets the same disgusting gift from a sender based in Bath.

Both feature a sexy star centre stage (The Halcyon's Kara Tointon, left, and Downton's Lily James).

They also feature a fabulous setting (The Halcyon, top, centre, and Downton Abby beneath it) and a bath scene (The Halcyon top, right, and Downton, bottom right).

Tuesday's death of actor Carrie Fisher (left), who played Princess Leia in Star Wars, set off waves of remembrance among fans - but also speculation over her character's return in yet-to-be-filmed episodes.

Filmmakers are tapping advances in digital technology to resurrect characters after a performer dies, most notably in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.The father-of-five said a group of 'very large men' stood and watched him being assaulted for 'entertainment' and a video was later shared on social media.In the sickening footage - taken in Normanton, Derby - one of the men approaches the driver's car as he is scuffling with the woman.Citizens of Berlin, still mourning the truck terror attack that killed 12 earlier this month, are guarded by hundreds of armed police who have placed concrete blocks and heavy armoured vehicles along thoroughfares.In Cologne, where 600 women were sexually assaulted amid last year's festivities, around 1,800 officers have been deployed compared to just 140 in 2015.Trouble flared when the female passenger allegedly tried to grab the steering wheel and started demanding '£80 for my children'.