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For me, one of the most compelling pieces of evidence relates to the origin of the first living cell. Evolutionists need to be able to explain how that cell came into being.We now know that a single cell is incredibly complicated.

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We sincerely hope they will be able to solve the problem quickly.

If just one or two of these laws were varied then atoms couldn’t form.

When you consider that some of these leading evolutionary cosmologists suggest that multiple universes may exist, it’s even more amazing that we just happen to live in the universe with the right conditions.

However, he pointed out that neither Darwin nor Dawkins can provide a reasonable account for the existence of this cell and therefore evolution is effectively dead on the starting-line.

I think that’s a very powerful argument for a Creator God—the complexity of even the simplest living things.

In pictures uploaded onto Twitter, the port looks completely filled with fish – it almost looks like a carpet of sardines.

It doesn’t seem likely that any shipping boats will be setting sail soon.He now lives in Atlanta in the USA and works as a research scientist, speaker and editorial consultant for Creation Ministries International.At the 2012 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne the view of Richard Dawkins, the author of , was again proclaimed that science is essentially anti-God and that no scientist could claim to be both a Christian and rational. I think Dawkins needs to revisit the history of science and the assumptions that make it work.To the extent that they see the world in this way, they are hijacking the Christian worldview.Loren Eiseley, the American anthropologist and philosopher, said that the foundations of modern science could be traced to belief in a rational designer. Do cultures that have this outlook have a basis for scientific advance?Many Christians are convinced that there’s a reasonable basis for believing in the Creator God of the Bible without necessarily relying on the Bible itself to establish their belief.