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Good was with Benson when all the speculation about her and Justin’s supposed “relationship” arose, and she and her reunited beau looked absolutely smitten with each other as they enjoyed some fun in the sun.

In order to get you even more excited for tonight's sure-to-be jaw-dropping finale, ETonline caught up with star Ashley Benson while she was promoting Buxom Cosmetics at Ulta Beauty in Los Angeles, to get the exclusive scoop on Hanna's "tricky situation," the twin twist, and why the actress is still devastated by Haleb's breakup.The duo may be one of the cutest onscreen couples, but does their relationship go beyond the TV drama?There are rumors that Ashley and Tyler may have dated in the past, but neither one of them has confirmed the reports.I think that's why it's one of my favorites because you get to see what happened to Hanna and Caleb and their break-up and there are super cool shots I got to do in the rain and it's like slow motion. " I was screenshotting it because it was my rain moment because I never had one.But yeah, I think the fans are really going to like it and I think hopefully they are going to be left on their feet being like, "What just happened?Like, the evil twin was with Jordan this whole time and like Hanna is waiting for Caleb. Speaking of Caleb, when you found out that Hanna and Caleb were going to be broken up after the five year time-jump, what was your reaction? AB: I definitely tried to get in the writers' room and say, "How we can get this different?

Can we just do one episode where they're not together?

When attending a wedding, Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn dress to the nines and make us drool over their hotness. Posing for paparazzi – in an extremely goofy way – is one of the things we adore most about this dynamic duo! Prepping for PLL can be a time-consuming task, but hugs from Ash Benzo while makeup is being applied are one of the best stress relievers. Oh, and how about those extracurricular twerk sessions?

Even though they aren’t dating, Ash and Ty know how to make us swoon. Simple things like attending concerts and music festivals together fill PLL fans with so much hope and excitement.

No one, and we mean no one, can sport the bandannas and hats like #Benzoburn.

It seems like Justin Bieber is spotted hanging out with a new, gorgeous Hollywood starlet just about every week (sometimes more), so it’s not a huge surprise that when Ashley Benson showed up to party with him on the fourth of July, the dating rumors started flying.

Was the blonde beauty the crooner’s new love interest?

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    When K Dot stepped out of his private lockbox, and announced he was engaged to his high school sweetheart, a rightfully deserved congratulations was not had all around.