Accomodating management style

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Human relations managers in businesses often find themselves managing situations of inter-personal conflict.

It’s one people skill it seems like either really excites you or makes you run in terror.I spent a good portion of my life as a 'know-it-all', and I believed that winning an argument meant not conceding any of the other side's points.Now I find that it pays to listen to other opinions - even if I totally disagree, it may spur me to think about a different, better solution to the problem.The act of thinking about it will increase your awareness and prepare you to handle the next situation better. – disregard own needs or others needs Pros: Stay out of trouble for the time being. Cons: Can lead to unresolved problems and resentment Example: Whatever you want is fine with me. – discuss and problem solve and seek mutually beneficial outcomes Pros: Create mutual trust. Let’s see how we can find a way for both of us to get what we want.That is my goal, handle each situation a little bit better than the time before. Cons: Can lead to unresolved problems and resentment Example: Forget about it. – seeking little wins and little concessions Pros: Helpful if the issue is complex. We all can use any of the conflict management styles given the situation.Such disagreements or conflicts can occur between individuals or between groups of people.

Here are five strategies from conflict management theory for managing stressful situations. Which one is the best in a given situation will depend on a variety of factors, including an appraisal of the levels of conflict.Download the spreadsheet or print out a copy and follow the instructions before you read further.It will only take you about 10 mins to do the survey and you'll understand what styles you use most often.Some may try to 'beat' the other guy down, others will avoid conflict at all costs, and still others may try to find common ground.And some people will use different strategies depending on who the conflict is with.When thinking of conflicts there are several symptoms that will pop up.