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In this post, we’re going to be discussing the method that I use to make thousands of dollars off of day events.These are events like the Super Bowl, wrestling events, and even golf events!

We are going to be talking about the complete methods that we use to rank our sites, and even gain traffic without promotion from Google and other search engines.

I hope) kidding mostly but it really is taking up ALL of my time and every resource I have is being allocated to it It’s going to be something you’ll really love, I know this for sure.

This is probably the longest blog post Money Mindset has ever had and it’s a take you by the hand guide or “Bible” as I’m referring it to (because I can, let’s not talk religion or semantics though PLEASE) so it’s full of knowledge & I am going to be selling this to non Money Mindset subscribers here in the near future!

The type that we are going to be focusing on is incentive CPA, which means offering something in return for the user when they complete an offer.

We are going to be talking about some of the networks that we recommend, and some of the promotional methods that we implement to make hundreds of dollars per day.

An example of a CPA offer is when somebody goes to a site and has complete a survey to unlock something Whether this is a game hack, free item or even coupons they need to fill out an offer.

This offer usually consists of an email and some location information, such as where the person lives and what they like.You can expect a 25% conversion if you implement the techniques that the discuss in this course.The advertiser collects this information from the user, and that’s it.This encourages your users to complete the offer, and when they do, they can get the promised product or item.We are going to be discussing how to get the user to complete the offer even when they don’t think that it is necessary and that they can go to another site and can get the same thing without doing an offer.Sorry about that, I’ve been working on my latest venture which is a tech startup!