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I don't think people grow up and think they want to work for a credit card company.

All employees are able to take advantage of some type of flexible work arrangement, such as telecommuting, flex days, or work from home.

This icon is available in 512 x 512 pixels in high quality . This icon is part of the e Commerce Shopping Cart Icon Pack.

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We want people who like to be on the cutting edge of things in whatever they're doing. We are also continuously hiring customer care professionals for our service centers. However, a growing trend is that we are bringing on more and more virtual employees. There is no one specific role for which we hire virtual employees.

Jobs in marketing, technology, sales, and many other areas of the company can be done from home — including HR. The growth in the virtual employee space has been so great that we have added a virtual employee section to our jobs listings.

Some people won't accept a Linked In request unless they know the person, while others like to build their database with as many people as possible.

I'd say, if someone takes that tactic, there's no guarantee.

They know what our mission statement is and what's been happening in the press. Anyone can go to our website and create a profile and join the community of people interested in American Express.

It's also helpful when candidates have looked at Linked In profiles of whomever they are interviewing with so they know the person a little more. We also mine Linked In and Google Plus, and niche social technology sites like Git Hub.

We're basically searching through candidates trying to find people before they find us.

And we have representatives at career fairs such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing and the National Black MBA Association.

You can learn about our CEO by reading about what people say about him on Glassdoor.

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