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"That's not necessarily a BAD thing -- it can signal trust, for example, and we rely on other people to remember things for us all the time, or don't bother to memorize them because we know our spouses (or i Phones) are really good at remembering." So, going to the experts -- even over Gchat -- Since there's almost aways someone to run an idea by online, we grow less comfortable trusting ourselves for the answer."[Tools like Gchat] privilege collaboration and exchange over serious solitary thinking," Pang writes.

"[Technologies like Gchat] make us think that because the technology is 'instant' and free, people should respond instantly -- and there's something wrong when they don't," adds Pang.

But you're not really doing anybody any favors: The two projects are unrelated, and your brain struggles to recover each time you switch from one to the other (even if the Gchat brainstorm lasts just a couple of seconds each time).

In 2009, researchers at Stanford University published a study revealing that online multi-taskers are more easily distractible, struggle more with organization and concentration and are not as dynamic as their uni-tasking counterparts.

"Today, our default assumption about creativity is that it's the result of serendipitous exchanges, of brainstorming, of ideas building on each other rapidly and spontaneously -- not a result of hard thinking that requires serious concentration." On Gchat, potential for brainstorm is at the tip of our fingers, but it's more than likely stifling our creativity.

According to several studies, brainstorming -- just like multitasking -- can often impair our work.

These kind of doers, who try with octopus arms to complete several tasks at once, come up short.

Gchat is almost never your priority, but it does demand some of your focus, thus forcing you to (inefficiently) multitask.The days fly by, at first, but the circular conversations can quickly feel confining and inadequate.This day-long chatting poses the illusion that you've shared moments and have been in touch, but those experiences are anything but quality.Even if you're not engaged, that little alert will steal your attention -- if only for a moment.Gchat Makes Us Believe Our Friends Are Superhuman By the law of physics, we, as human beings, cannot be in two places at once. We are not inextricably linked to our devices, but Gchat makes it easy to suggest otherwise.The study found students who thought on their own conceived nearly twice as many solutions to a series of creative puzzles than did those working in brainstorming groups.