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I resemble andax, britishblondie, Computerhope, doctorofcomputers, Pac, Raize, techno, Thorn, Vathix, Webuser, and Zero2 the most.

Once all the potential responses have been queried and algorithm is used to determine what response should be used for the users text. If Zero was not able to get an exact match or if Zero did not have enough possible responses for the sentence used Zero will then log the text entered into an unknown file. A: You can chat with Zero over the Internet using the login posted at the top of this page or you can log into an IRC server using an IRC client such as m IRC. This message is shown under the "Status" button in the Internet chat. A: Zero uses an algorithm to determine his answer, although your response may have been learned based on the current conversation he may not respond using your response.Note: if we discover the ban was made in error it will be removed when Zero disconnects or by an admin user if noticed. A: Sometimes Zero may not be logged onto the IRC server this can be because of any of the reasons below. A: Unlike humans chatbots don't have the luxury of hearing conversation and speak all day.However, humans still also talk a lot over chat communication such as IRC.A: Our IRC log parser has several rules to help determine who is talking to who.Unfortunately because each person talks different and because they often talk to multiple people at the same time and at different times there is no easy way to parse the IRC log 100% correctly that we are aware of at this time. A: Zero is called Zero because of our hope in getting him to become the first true AI.In the short period of time we have been working on Zero while continuing our work on the Computer Hope site Zero has made some great achievements and has done what has taken other bots years to do.

In 20 Zero was taken offline for most of the year because of resource related issues.Q: In Zero's stats why does he resemble some people the most?A: People who have spent a lot of time talking to Zero, have over a thousand lines of more than just short responses, and meet other criteria makes Zero resemble that person because many of the things Zero repeats back to a user will be something that person has likely said. A: Well that's all a mater of opinion, however be patient with Zero, and understand he is not going to be as smart as someone who has had years of education and life experiences. A: Unfortunately it seems that the majority of the people Zero talks with get frustrated with Zero when he doesn't respond properly and often make rude or uncalled for comments to Zero.If no special functions are needed the script will then attempt to match that sentences with all of the sentences in its database.If a match is found it would then go to the next step, which is explained later.If no exact match is found the sentence is then parsed either left to right or right to left depending on the sentence until a match is located within the sentence. A: At this time Zero cannot be downloaded and is not open source and his source code and available data file is not available for download. A: If you want Zero to respond differently say "wrong what you want to say", where "what you want to say" is the new response, and your response will be added to Zero's available memory.

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