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Sometimes, those who have an active sexual life feel like they want more than just a simple and quick intercourse.

There are at least three manners through which pornography, sex and sexual behavior get affected by society.

By All Free Sex Editors What if Marvin Gaye was right when he wrote Sexual Healing, and sex does actually heal?

It is in fact proved by several fields of science that having an active, healthy and fun sex life may have a direct impact on one's health and well being.

We are living in the age of sexual dysfunction, when strains of modern lifestyle render sex into serious concern.

By All Free Sex Editors Suffering a sexual dysfunction can be for the man extremely frustrating if not distressing.

Yet this relentless quest also carries out the claim for a lifestyle more actively and sexually fulfilling.

By All Free Sex Editors Sexual perversity is also called Paraphilia to be defined as sexual arousal or excitement due to situations and things that would not be considered normal in sex, or in some cases, not even normally acceptable.

The XXX tag explains itself as an adult type of entertainment.

However it does not seem to be hardly followed these days.

By All Free Sex Editors Scientist Charles Darwin, who developed the theory of evolution of species that is so essential for us to understand how life evolved on this planet and also nature's amazing capacity of adaptation and transformation, also developed another interesting theory about what is called sex selection.

By All Free Sex Editors A sexual assault may be the most violent, humiliating and insensate crimes a person commits.

That is because on videos, directors are interested in passing erotism the quickest way they can.

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